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Introduction to LibreTexts: About

This guide provides an introduction to LibreTexts and its features.

What is LibreTexts?

LibreTexts is an Open Access platform for building, hosting, and providing access to Open Education Resources. All content on the platform has an open access license and LibreTexts contains many OER items copied or adapted from other websites. LibreTexts includes a few areas:

  • Commons: Libraries of open resources by subject. This includes the Moreno Valley College's Commons. The libraries contain three areas:
    • Campus Bookshelves: Collections of OER materials created and uploaded by specific institutions.
    • Bookshelves: Curated OER textbooks chosen and collected by LibreTexts within each discipline.
    • Learning Objects: Non-textbook resources.
  • Conductor: This is an area where OER authors can create and remix OER content.


In LibreTexts you can find OER textbooks and other resources, export those texts to import into Canvas, create and remix OERs, and much more. Aside from hosting of OERs and basic visual editing like you would do in Microsoft Word, it has many other tools and features:

  • Accessibility tool to check compliance
  • Drag and drop images from your desktop
  • Harvest OERs from other websites onto Libretexts
  • Display all MVC OER titles in one searchable MVC collection
  • Copy content from existing OERs into your own works, while auto-populating the licensing statements for those works
  • Tools to auto-update page numbering and linking as content is edited and updated
  • Create OER project pages where you can work as a team of faculty, staff, and/or students
  • Include CSS, Javascript, and other types of code into your OER if needed
  • Jupyter tool for writing R and other forms of executable code into your books
  • Adapt homework platform and question bank (1,900+ questions and counting; heavily used by STEM and Spanish)
  • Studio tool to create and share H5P interactive activities
  • Affordable print-on-demand

Our Commons

Using an OER Textbook and want it added to our commons? Email me (!


Moreno Valley College OER Commons

MVC has its own LibreTexts commons where we can collect and present the OER titles that we're using in our courses. In our commons students and faculty can search for titles that we use or browse by discipline. Students can view and event order printed copies of OER titles used in our courses.

MVC LibreText Commons interface with search box and browsable OER collection

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