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Think Free @ MVC

This page is all about ways to save money on textbooks and class materials; especially for selecting zero textbook cost courses and finding their materials.

Quick Guide to Your Options (Start Here)

When signing up for classes, look for ZTC to save money! (ZTC Icon: ztc or zero textbook cost logo )

Four Quick Things to Know

  1. What does Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) ztc or zero textbook cost logo and Low Textbook Cost (LTC) mean? LTC or low textbook cost logo
    • Some courses at MVC are labeled 'ZTC' or 'LTC'. ZTC means that the class' textbooks cost nothing. They are usually built into the course, available online, or available at the library. Low Textbook Cost means that the course's textbooks cost $50 or less.
  2. What is an Open Education Resource?
    • An Open Education Resource (or OER) is a free textbook or instructional material that is usually available online. These are common types of books used to make a class ZTC or Zero Textbook Cost. If your course uses an OER, it's likely going to be linked in the classroom and available as an ebook.
      • Don't worry, eBooks are easy! (add URL)
  3. What options are there for getting for-cost textbooks if my class isn't ZTC?
    • The MVC library has copies of some textbooks for checkout. Some are even available as eBooks.
    • The MVC Bookstore
    • Online bookstores like Amazon often sell textbooks. Look at the Textbook Options page on this guide for information on how to search for textbooks to find new or even cheaper used or rental options.
  4. The library has copies of some class textbooks. These may be available in print or as eBooks.
    • Searching the library for textbooks (video)


If you'd like to know more about free books, ask your teacher about zero textbook cost courses! You can also ask if you need the exact edition of textbook listed, or if older editions will work.


Tutorial Videos

Finding ZTC or LTC Courses in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Visit the Class Schedule page and click on the Find Open Classes button (shown below).

find open classes button

This page will allow you to search for open classes at Moreno Valley College.


Step 2: On the left-side of the page, click on the menus to set your desired course term, then change Status to Status: Open.

  • Include any other specific information that you need to find your course.


Step 3: Click on the empty checkbox next to "Only show classes with low or zero cost textbooks" (shown below).

Checkbox for filtering to only show classes with low or zero cost textbooks


Step 4: Click on the Search button. Your zero textbook cost (ZTC) and low textbook cost (LTC) courses will have icons next to them (to the right). The ZTC logo has a dollar sign and the LTC logo says LOW in a red font

course finder page showing zero textbook cost and low textbook cost logos


Quick Tips!

  • You must have the term selected.
  • You can also view ZTC and LTC course sections in the Full Class Schedule on the Class Schedule web page.


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