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MVC Library's OneSearch

Searching in OneSearch

MVC’s OneSearch -
The basic search page is set to search Everything by default. When you enter information into the search bar, more specific search scopes can be selected.

There are five search scopes setup in our Primo:

  • Everything – Physical materials, ebooks, articles in our subscription databases
  • MVC Library Catalog – Physical materials held at MVC
  • Course Reserves – Only searches materials currently placed on course reserve
  • Electronic Materials – Articles in MVC’s subscription databases and all ebooks
  • RCCD Library Catalog - Physical materials held at any RCCD library and most MVC ebooks

After the initial search you will notice the search scopes appear as options to the right of the search bar:

Filtering in simple search

You can filter your search via the drop-down menus below the simple search bar:

  • Resource Type – Can filter the type of resource (such as books or journals).
  • Search Type – can select from the following options:
    • that contain my query words – search terms must be found in the selected search field
    • with my exact phrase – The exact phrase must be found in the selected search field
    • begins with – The search terms must be found at the start of the search field
  • Search Field – Can select which search field to search (such as the author or title)

Search Results

Facet options

  • Library – shows the college and the number of holdings at that college for each result
  • Availability – Available online, Peer-reviewed Journal, Held by library (physical holdings)
  • Resource Type – Type of resource. Example: Book, Articles, Scores, etc.
  • Subject – Subjects of resource
  • Author/Creator – Name of author
  • Collection – Collections that contain results
  • Creation Date – Date of
  • Journal Title – Name of journal.
  • Languages – languages of resources in results
  • Course Name – will display if a reserve item is in search results
  • Course Department - will display if a reserve item is in search results

Filtering results

  • To include facet: Check the box to the left of the facet to set a filter.
  • To exclude facet: You can also exclude the facet from your results by clicking the Exclude button  to the right of the facet (hover mouse over facet to see).
  • Click the green APPLY FILTERS button at the bottom of the screen.

Adding persistent facets

You can retain filters for subsequent searches by locking a facet. To do this hover over the facet in the Active filters section and then click the facet's padlock .





More about searching

If there are multiple operators then the search is processed from left to right in the following order:

  • ( ) Parentheses
  • AND and NOT
  • OR

When searching with different phrases it is recommended to separate the phrases with boolean terms if they are different ideas.

For example:

  • North America geology – OneSearch treats the entire query as a phrase and returns results in which all of the words may be closer together.
  • North America AND geology – OneSearch treats North America and geology as separate phrases and returns results in which both phrases may not be as close together.

Grouping: Parentheses ( ) allows you to group search terms and alter the order of precedence.

Boolean searching: AND, OR, NOT – ex: (college OR university) AND student

Phrase searching: To search an exact phrase group phrases in quotes - ex: “video games”


  • ? - for single character wildcard search – ex: wom?n = woman or women
  • * - for multiple character wildcard search – ex: child* = child, children, childhood, etc

Advanced Search

Advanced search will allow you to be more specific in your search and/or to add additional filters to your search.

The Advanced Search page contains the following components and options:

  • Search for – Search profile slots - same as the dropdown menu on the simple search
  • Add a New Line – You can include up to seven search criteria lines
  • Field selector – Allows you to narrow the search to all search fields or a particular field (such as title and subject).
  • Search type – For each search line, this parameter indicates how your search terms are compared against the search field. These are the options:
    • contains (default search) – Returns results that contain all words in the phrase, but the words may be in a different order and may not be as close together.
    • is (exact) – Returns results that contain phrases that exactly match the phrases specified in the query.
    • starts with – Returns results that contain words that start with the specified string. This type performs left-anchored title searches only.
  • Operators – As with basic searches, you can include the following operators between words and phrases in each search line: AND, OR, and NOT.
  • Search box – For each search line, enter the search query text, which may include words, phrases, and operators (AND, OR, and NOT).
  • Filters – Filters allow you to narrow your results with select fields (material type, language,date range). In the search results, you can filter your results further.
    • Language: looking into setting English as the default – is not currently
    • Dates: you do not need to enter an end date if you want to include searches up to the present

Using your OneSearch Account

Signing In

Clicking the “Sign in” button on the top right of the screen will allow you to log-in to your OneSearch account. Select Students & Staff in the pop-up window.

This will redirect you to the RCCD Single Sign On (SSO) page.

Screenshot of RCCD's single sign on through Microsoft

Enter your RCCD email address, click Next, and then your email password, and click Sign In.

If you cannot log-in then make sure you have registered your RCCD Single Sign On (SSO) account. Instructions on registering your SSO account can be found here:

You will then be redirected back to OneSearch, where it should show you as signed in. You can click your name on the top right corner of the screen to view your account options.

Library Card (Loans, Requests, Fines, Blocks) –

Library Card will show you an overview of your Loans (checkouts), requests (holds), fines + fees, blocks + messages, and personal details. From here you can renew your items, cancel requests, or view your fines/fees (payment option hopefully coming soon).


To renew an item sign-in to your MVC account via the Sign In button, as described above. Once signed in you can view and renew you items by clicking your name on the top right corner of the screen, and selecting My Loans.

Your current loans will be displayed. You can renew all items with the RENEW ALL button or renew select items with the RENEW button displayed for each item. If you are not allowed renewal then the reason will be displayed (another patron has a hold, maximum renewals have been reached, etc).

Placing holds
Requests can be placed on checked out MVC items or on most items that are owned by RCC or Norco libraries.

First look up the item you would like to request. If you are not already signed in then click "Sign In" on the yellow bar in the middle of the item's record.

This will redirect you to the RCCD Single Sign On (SSO) page. This log-in is the same as your student email address and email password.

RCCD Single Sign On screenshot

If the item is requestable then a Request link should show under the Get It heading. Click this link.

Enter the pickup location and any additional into the request form. Click Submit.

When the item is ready for pickup you will receive an email at your student/employee RCCD email account.

My Favorites (Saved Records / Saved Searches) –

OneSearch gives you the ability to saved records and searches. You can access these saved records and searches under this My Favorites link. You can also add labels to saved records and setup email alerts or an RSS feed for your saved searches.

Your search history can also be viewed from here, but please note that the search history is only for your current session and will be cleared once you log out or close the browser.

The ‘Display Language’ allows you to change the language of the interface. Currently only English and Spanish are available (please let us know if you would like another language added).

Adapted from:

Finding Books

To search for a physical book in MVC's Library's OneSearch enter your search criteria and choose one of the following scopes (the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar):

  • MVC Library Catalog - to search for Physical materials held only at MVC)
  • RCCD Library Catalog - to to search for Physical materials held at any RCCD library (RCC, Norco or MVC)

This will retrieve relevant books (as well as magazines, videos, CDs, etc) for your search.

You can filter your results on the filter bar to the left of the screen.

Click on the title of the book to view more information – such as its status, location, call number (where it can be found in the library), description, table of contents, and subject headings.

If the item is available at the library then write the location and call number down on a slip of paper and look for it on the shelf, or ask a librarian to help you locate it. If the item is at another college, or is checked out then you can request the item by logging in and following these instructions. If you have any questions or issues with any of this then feel free to ask a librarian for help!

Finding Textbooks

To search exclusively for items that are on course reserve enter the course code (ie MAT 11, HIS 4), or the name of the course, into the search box, select the search facet “Course Reserves”, and click search.

**For best results we currently recommend searching the course code as a phrase, by placing quotes around it (ie “MAT 11”). We hope to change this soon, so quotes will not be needed.**

This will give you a list of results that are on reserve for that course. Choose the item you are looking for and click into the full record to see what is available.

Write the call number of the item down on a slip of paper. To retrieve an item in the Reserves give the slip of paper with the call number to a circulation desk staff member. Items in Circulating Textbooks can be found along the back wall of the library’s 2nd floor, or ask a librarian or staff member to help you locate it.

Finding Articles

To search for an article (or ebook) enter your search criteria and choose the Electronic Resources scope.

This will retrieve relevant articles, ebooks, reference entries and other results in electronic formats.

You can filter your results on the filter bar to the left of the screen. For example, under Availability you can select ‘Peer-reviewed Journals’ if you were only interested in scholarly peer-reviewed sources.

Click on the title of the resource to view its record.

Electronic materials will have links in their record that can be clicked to view the resource. From here you can view, download, or email the resource to yourself.

**NOTE** If you are on-campus the resource will load automatically, but if you are off-campus then you will have to enter your student ID and password (which is the first letter of your first name and the first six digits of your last – more detailed instructions on this process can be found here).

Reference: (951) 571-6447 | Circulation: (951) 571-6356 | Text/SMS: (951) 319-7358 | Email:; | Drop in Zoom: | Chat: