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Finding E-Books and Audiobooks: E-Readers

Display Technologies


Some Display Technologies on Devices You Can Read eBooks:

Click each heading for an example of the technology.

  • ePaper/Electronic Paper - Electronic Ink/eInK: The newest generation ebook readers (including Sony, Nook, Kindle) are based on epaper on which the text and pictures are displayed by eInk. Thus some ereaders enable thousands of pages of viewing without recharging.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) advantages: you get a more quickly refreshed screen, has color, can read in dark with no additional lighting. Many notebook computers use LCD.
  • AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-emitting Diode)Beginning to replace LCD since the technology is brighter, thinner, faster, and lighter.  Also uses less power, offers higher contrast, and are cheaper to manufacture.  Use on many smartphones.
  • Pixel Qi.  Still new/coming, Pixel Qi (pronounced Chee) is said to rival eInk with its LCD mode that uses less energy, has color, can be read in sunlight, and will switch to epaper-like mode.
  • Backlit - Another display type which looks a lot like a computer screen and does not need an additional light source.
  • Text Flow - A display feature which allows users to view a full page of text in their preferred font size and style.







E-Reader Comparisons

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