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One Book, One College: All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis: Videos/Newsclips

The One Book, One College selection, All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, anthologizes the works of folks traditionally left out of national climate change conversations. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson

A creative solution for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan

Artist and TED Fellow LaToya Ruby Frazier spent five months living in Flint, Michigan, documenting the lives of those affected by the city's water crisis for her photo essay "Flint is Family." As the crisis dragged on, she realized it was going to take more than a series of photos to bring relief. In this inspiring, surprising talk, she shares the creative lengths she went to in order to bring free, clean water to the people of Flint.

How climate change is driving extreme weather in 2022

Fighting Climate Change Without the U.S.—Bloomberg QuickTakes

The world's battle against global warming became considerably more difficult after President Trump announced that the United States would exit the Paris Agreement, but does that make it a lost cause? This Bloomberg QuickTake explains what the fight against climate change looks like now.

Wildfires Caused by Climate Change

Last year saw record-breaking wildfires take hold across the globe. A BBC Production.

New U.N. Report Warns Of Immediate Dangers Of Climate Change


The United Nations’ latest, most in-depth scientific report on climate change warns the dangers are imminent and growing more acute with millions of people around the world potentially losing access to clean water, and facing starvation and disease. From NBC News Digital.

Standing Rock Resistance

Still invisible and often an afterthought, Indigenous peoples are uniting to protect the world's water, lands and history -- while trying to heal from genocide and ongoing inequality. Tribal attorney and Couchiching First Nation citizen Tara Houska chronicles the history of attempts by government and industry to eradicate the legitimacy of Indigenous peoples' land and culture, including the months-long standoff at Standing Rock which rallied thousands around the world. "It's incredible what you can do when you stand together," Houska says. "Stand with us -- empathize, learn, grow, change the conversation."

Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans | Kelsey Leonard

AAAS Climate Change

A video produced by the The American Association for the Advancement of Science covering the topic of climate change

Climate Change: Man Made Disaster

Climate change is real, it's happening, and it's a result of human activity. The more we burn fossil fuels, the thicker this "blanket" gets, and the warmer the planet gets. This is causing all sorts of problems, like more extreme weather events, drought, and sea level rise. We need to take dramatic action to reduce our emissions in order to avoid catastrophic consequences. A BBC Production.

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