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One Book, One College: All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis: Events and Activities

The One Book, One College selection, All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, anthologizes the works of folks traditionally left out of national climate change conversations. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson

One Book, One College at Moreno Valley College

A community that reads together, grows together

The One Book, One College program at MVC was launched in 2006 to promote interdisciplinary conversations, community-building, and reading across the curriculum. In 2017, the One Book team partnered with First-Year Experience to expand the program's offerings and reach, including the addition of the Student Research Symposium.

Climate change

Climate Change

Student Involvement Ideas

Student Involvement

  • Attend a One Book event

  • Bring a friend to a One Book event

  • Read the book

  • Talk about the book 

  • Conduct research based on annual book topics and enter into the annual Student Research Symposium
  • Share the One Book program information with your friends and instructors
  • Donate 5, 10, or 20 dollars to the One Book Scholarship Fund

Resources for Educators

The All We Can Save Project is on a mission to embed climate truth, courage, and just solutions in education — and to make it exceedingly easy to use the All We Can Save anthology within classrooms and beyond.

We’re so glad you’re here for the journey.

Scroll down to access our free, open educator resources, or watch a short video walkthrough here.

Other Resources for teaching All We Can Save:

Discussion questions for essays and poems

With the classroom in mind, our living question bank offers a rich variety of discussion questions, writing prompts, and activity ideas tailored to specific sections, essays, and poems in the anthology.

Question bank

Assignments to use your voice

These assignments explore a core theme from All We Can Save: using your voice. They’re designed to build students’ skills in climate communication, specifically op-eds and TED-style talks.

Assignments to use your voice

Assignments to spark action

These assignments build on another core theme from All We Can Save: taking climate action. They’re designed to help students translate what they’re learning into accessible, meaningful action in widening circles of influence.

Assignments to spark action

All We Can Save Circles discussion guides

All We Can Save Circles (our deep “book club” model) provide discussion guides for each section of the anthology. The full 10-session experience works well for the classroom, facilitated by an educator or by students themselves. You can also draw selectively on the “generous questions,” journal prompts, and supplementary read-watch-listen materials.

Tips on using Circles in the classroom

Circles guides

Faciltation guidelines

Essay summaries

To navigate the content of All We Can Save with ease, these summaries offer a high-level overview of each essay, as well as brief author bios, key terms introduced, and additional leaders highlighted in the piece.

Essay summaries

Additional read-watch-listen resources

If you’re looking to dig deeper into the work of contributors to the book, you can find a selection of resources at the bottom of each Circles session.

All We Can Save Circles

We’ve also curated a list of relevant TED talks that pair well with each section of All We Can Save (some featuring contributors to the anthology).

TED Talks that pair well with All We Can Save

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