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Dental Hygiene Program: Journals & Databases

Using the Databases Off-Campus

To access Moreno Valley College (MVC) databases offsite - any place other than the MVC campus, you will be asked to input your User ID and Password before you will receive information from the selected database. 

Your User ID is your 7 Digit student ID Number only.  EX: 0000000. 

Your Password is the first initial of your first name, the first 6 letters of your last name (or all of the letters if less than 6), all in LOWER CASE,  as one word.  EX.  Miss Piggy = mpiggy.

Free Web Sources

Dental & Image Databases

Search Tips

  • Connect two different concepts using AND. This will narrow down your topic.

  • Connect two similar concepts using OR. This will broaden your topic.

  • Search for phrases using quotes.

  • Search for word variations using an asterik. Ex: hygien*

Article Databases