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Open Educational Resources (OER/ZTC/LTC)

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Political Science

Political Science: OER Textbooks



Attenuated Democracy: A Critical Introduction to U.S. Government and Politics,” Authored by David Hubert, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Learning Advancement at Salt Lake Community College. 


Summary: Attenuated Democracy is an engaging and relevant textbook for introductory U.S. government courses. From the opening letter to students through to the end, Attenuated Democracy has a clear narrative that helps students understand who has power in the American political system, why they have power, and what ordinary Americans can do to better balance the system—all while conveying the important concepts and ideas that any survey of U.S. government is expected to cover. Student feedback about Attenuated Democracy has been strongly positive. As one student put it, the text’s “straightforwardness in admitting its own ideological commitments and perspective, as well as the consistent effort at accessibility and real-world relevance, were very refreshing. I rather like the way the text is formatted, with short, focused chapters and a list of references available for students who want to dig deeper into a particular topic.”


Attenuated Democracy: A Critical Introduction to U.S. Government and Politics (2020) is licensed CC BY-NC-SA. The book is published by Open SLCC using Pressbooks software made possible by Salt Lake Community College. Special thanks to all that have supported the project especially, Marianne McKnight, Jason Pickavance, Chris Blankenship, Jen Hughes, and Clifton Sanders. Additional acknowledgment and thanks to Linda Bult, project editor, Anita Tsuchiya, review site coordination, and to Perparim Gutaj, and Colin Moore for content review and suggestions. 

American Government : By OpenStax. Print, eReader, and digital formats available

American Government and Politics in the Information Age: Affiliated with University of Minnesota Libraries.

Democracy in America: University affiliated, HTML only.

Introduction to Political Science Research Methods: Funded by ASCCC.

Political Science: by Lumen Learning.

Political Science : OER Supplemental Resources

American Government: By Saylor, full course includes some assessment.

Contemporary Political Thought: By Saylor.

Introduction to International Relations: Funded by ASCCC, course modules. 

Introduction to West Political Thought: By Saylor.

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