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Open Educational Resources (OER/ZTC/LTC)

This guide provides information about OER and a basic primer about copyright and fair use for instruction

OER Psychology

Introduction to Psychology: OER Textbooks

Introduction to Psychology  - Noba Project

Introduction to Psychology  - Lumen Learning

Discover Psychology 2.0 – A Brief Introductory Text - Noba Project

Psychology - OpenStax

Introduction to Psychology- BCCampus OpenEd

Introduction to Psychology: Supplemental Resources

OER Commons- Psychology

  • Modules, assessments, slides, full courses

TEDEd - Psychology

  • Videos

MIT -Psychology

  • Full courses, lectures, syllabi, assignments

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology: OER Textbooks


Lumen Learning

Delta College

Abnormal Psychology: Supplemental Resources


OER Commons