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Open Educational Resources (OER/ZTC/LTC)

This guide provides information about OER and a basic primer about copyright and fair use for instruction


English: OER Textbooks

Boundless Writing

  • This foundational textbook includes sections on grammar, sentence structure, incorporating quotations and paraphrasing.  It also introduces how to write an academic paper.

EmpoWord: A Student-Centered Anthology & Handbook for College Writers by Shane Abrams

  • This textbook is designed for students of first- and second-year college composition courses.

English Composition 1  

  • This is a complete course, with modules/ chapters.  Included are activities and assessments. 

Handbook for Writers

How Arguments Works: A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College

Lumen Courses Level 1

  • Complete course, with sources for OER reading materials, a digital storytelling unit, Jeopardy Game, Assignments, Essay Materials.  This is a great source, nicely organized, great supplementary information

Pavel Zemliansky's Methods of Discovery: A Guide to Research Writing


Rhetoric and Composition

  • This is a wiki style textbook that aims to be a practical guide to help students with their writing.  Link to pdf and printable version.

What, Why, and How? Mastering 15 Concepts to Become a Better Writer

  • Skyline College English Dept. Written specifically for the community college student. Includes content and classroom activities.

Write Here, Right Now

  • This textbook deals with academic writing for students in the Arts and Sciences. 

 Writing Commons.

  •  A free, comprehensive, peer-reviewed, award-winning Open Text for students and faculty in college-level courses that require writing and research skills.

Writing for Success.

  • This is a derivative work- updated images.  Good organization, downloadable content –includes chapter on presentations and the last chapter has examples of various types of essays.

Writing In College: From Competence to Excellence

  • “Writing in College is designed for students who have largely mastered high-school level conventions of formal academic writing and are now moving beyond the five-paragraph essay to more advanced engagement with text. It is well suited to composition courses or first-year seminars and valuable as a supplemental or recommended text in other writing-intensive classes.”

Writing, Reading, and College Success

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing (Vol. 1)

  • This is a pdf, so you can download it and use parts or the whole as you see fit.  If you are linking out- rather than breaking it up and inserting it in the LMS, it might be frustrating to read because the chapters are not hyperlinked (lots of scrolling!).  soft cover book available for purchase $25

English: Primary OER Supplemental Resources


Essays for Composition

East of the Web

The Project Gutenberg

Compiled list of “open” short stories

The Public Domain Review

88 Open Essays

The Electric Typewriter (free, not open)


English: Secondary OER Supplementary Resources

Bibliomania Study Guides

Grammar Worksheets

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Writing Commons

Excelsior Online Writing Lab -

Khan Academy, Grammar -

Reading: OER Resources

Basic Reading and Writing

The Word on College Reading and Writing

Developmental Reading- SUNY OER Course

Literature: OER Textbooks

American Literature I (1650–1860) - Lumen Learning

Compact Anthology of World Literature - University of North Georgia (free but may not be open)

Digital American Literature Anthology v 1.4 (2017)

The Open Anthology of Literature in English

World Literature I: Beginnings to 1650 - University of North Georgia (free but may not be open)

Writing and Critical Thinking Through Literature - LibreTexts

Writing the Nation:  A Concise Introduction to American Literature 1865 to present

Literature: Supplemental OER Resources

American Memory Project

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies

Introduction to Latin American Studies

Ethnic Literature in America

Writing about Race: Narratives of Multiraciality

Race and Identity in American Literature: Keepin' it Real Fake

Passing: Flexibility in Race and Gender

Open Anthology of Early World Literature in English Translation - Columbus State University Libguide

Introduction to Asian American Studies: Literature, Culture, and Historical Experience

CORE! The Open Access Repository for the Humanities

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