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This guide is designed to help you locate information that will assist you in writing your papers and doing additional research on religions or some religious aspect.

Informaion provided is primarily for the religions listed; however, you may find additional information provided on the OTHER RELIGIONS page as well as on the RELATED DATABASES page that may assist you in doing comparative religious research.

Under each religion you will find a selection of print books, e-books, reference books relating to culture and customs, scriptures, specific websites, and access to free journals that may or may not be in the RELATED DATABASES. Under CHRISTIANITY, you will find sources related to the different denominations/sects/groups.  You will also find access the The Bible As Literature.


Check "Books" in the upper left hand corner of the library page in order to get the proper search box.  Although you checked books, your search should also provide videos, DVDs, as well as E-books, if any are available on your topic.

Use the Subject first to narow your search to your particluar subject area or topic.  See "RELIGIONS A-Z" on this page.

Then, use Keyword to search with your lists of keywords or main topic.  The keyword search may provide additional resources.

Type the keyword(s) in the box below then press Enter or click the Submit button.


Not all "religions" listed here are considered by some to be religions in terms of their history, structure, traditional beliefs of what is defined as a religion.  Some are referred to as a sect, cult, movement, practice, group, and even racist group.  There are probably hundreds more that you can add to this list.

The list is one form of a SUBJECT SEARCH in our catalog as well as a very broad search under KEYWORD.  To further define your KEYWORD SEARCH , you may wish to use "history of " (whatever the religion).  Example:  history of Judaism - versus just searcing under Judaism.   An even further narrowing say "customs of Judaism" would generate more specific results.  

Amish                                    Nation of Islam                     Christianity:

Anglican                                 New Age                             African Methodist Episcopal

Baha'i                                     Rastafarianism                        Baptist

Branch Davidians                    Scientology                        Christian Methodist Episcopal

Buddhism                              Shakers                                    Church of God in Christ

Mahayan Buddhism                Shinto                                       Episcopalian

Theravada Buddhism              Sikism                                       Evangelical

 Zen Buddhism                      Taoism                                      Fundamentalist

Christian Science                 Transcendentalism                Lutheran                 

Confucianism                        Unification Church                 Mennonite                  

Daoism                                   Unitarianism                            Methodist 

Hinduism                                Zoroastrianism                       Pentecostal

Islam                                                                                           Presbyterian

Jainism                                                                                      Quaker

Jevhovah's Witnesses                                                            Roman Catholic          

Judaism                                                                                    Seventh Day Adventist