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Finding and Using Newspapers: Home

Student Learning Outcome: Identify appropriate sources for finding newspaper articles

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Why Newspapers?

Why are newspapers a good source to use for research?

Newspapers can be a great source for understanding various viewpoints on almost any topic.  A newspaper will contain articles about events and issues, but will also have editorials, letters, and advertisements that can be useful for understanding a particular topic or event.  Reading newspaper articles that relate to a particular issue, especially if you read articles from various times in history and places, can help you to understand how issues and public opinion have changed over time.

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What Kinds of Newspaper Sources are Available?

There are several formats of newspapers and news sources:

  • Print Newspapers: 
    • Most major newspapers are printed daily. 
    • The most recent daily newspapers are usually available at any public library, and can be purchased at grocery stores, news stands, and many other places (hint-- Every Starbucks has newspapers available for purchase every day!). 
    • Major national newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, are usually good sources for national and international news; regional newspapers, such as The Press Enterprise or the Orange County Register, are good sources for local news.


  • Online Newspapers: 
    • Newspapers and newspaper articles can often be accessed for free online. 
    • Major and regional newspapers often post articles about the biggest news stories on their websites, and often keep past articles and issues available online. 
    • There are also some "e-newspapers" that are available only online, such as The Huffington Post and Seattle Post-Intelligencer


  • Newspaper Databases: 
    • To find newspaper articles and issues that were published in the past, you can use an online database to search. 
    • These databases, such as America's Newspapers and Newspaper Source, will help you to find historical news.

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You can search the Library's Catalog by title to find out if the MVC library subscribes to a particular newspaper in print.

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