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Early Childhood Education: Home

This guide is designed to provide a starting point for research in Early Childhood Education

Getting Started

If you have not selected a topic, first think about what interest you most.  If you are confronted with too many issues/topics, try answering these questions: 

  • Why are you taking this particular class?   
  • What motivated you to enroll in an Early Childhood Education class versus an Education or General Psychology class? 
  • Taking all three - what made you take all? 

Within a range of broad topics such as preschool development, childcare, infants and toddlers, education, special needs children are numerous more specific issues that may interest you.  The library databases such as:

» Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center       

» Points of View Reference Center     

are useful resources for current events, controversial issues, and social issues that may help you formulate a topic relating to early childhood education.  The Reference Librarian can direct you to reference sources as well that may provide information to help in a topic selection.